Greed that silent killer of men’s souls may have been at work again in the “cold fusion” – “LENR” world. Did Mats Lewan, of Ny Teknik, fall for the bait?

Greed that silent killer of men’s souls may have been at work again in the “cold fusion” — “LENR” world.  Did Mats Lewan, of Ny Teknik, fall for the bait?

Is greed behind all the lies of Andrea Rossi about his e-Cat?  Is greed behind the reporting by Mats Lewan, Mr. Rossi’s friend and partner?  Mr. Rossi promised both Steven Krivit and Sterling Allan untold riches if they would just help him out until his e-Cat business was up and running.  Did Mats Lewan fall for the bait?

Mr. Gary Wright asked me to print this email he sent to leaders of Telentum Publishing.  Since I had always wondered why Mats Lewan, writing for Sweden’s leading Hi-tech magazine, Ny Teknik, did not cover the story of the Florida BRC, and because I had slowly read the complete article by Steven Krivit and “Robert Clancy” until I truly understood what Mr. Rossi is doing, I agreed.

The article Report #5: Rossi’s Profitable Career in Science can be read here:

Here is the email Mr. Wright asked me to publish:

Aarne Aktan
Chief Executive Officer
Talentum Oyj
Annankatu 34–36 B, Helsinki
P.O. Box 920, 00101 Helsinki, Finland
Telephone: +358 204 4240
Fax: +358 204 424 130

Joachim Berner
Chairman of the Board
Talentum Sweden AB
Mäster Samuelsgatan 56
106 12 Stockholm
Telephone: +46 8 796 6650

Roger Thoren
Managing Director
Talentum Sweden AB
Mäster Samuelsgatan 56
106 12 Stockholm
Telephone: +46 8 796 6650


Dear Mr. Aarne Aktan & Joachim Berner,

Your company publishes some of the finest magazines in your part of the world. And people all over the world read your papers to keep abreast of the current news for company strategies and investment purposes.

But I was shocked by the reply of Norbert Andersson, Acting Editor-in-Chief of Ny Teknik, when I tried to bring to his attention the conflict of interest and unprofessional reporting of one of his reporters.

Basically Mr. Andersson told me to mind my own business.

The complete emails are included below this message.

In a nut shell, Mr. Andrea Rossi is involved in a fraud and scam, he has been jailed many times in Italy, defrauded the US government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, cost the good people of Italy many millions of dollars to clean up his environmental dumps, and now is taking many people’s hard earned money in his latest e-Cat fraud and scam.

One of your reporters, Mats Lewan, writing for Ny Teknik, is a friend and business partner of Mr. Rossi’s.  Mr. Lewan has been an active partner of Mr. Rossi, helping him put on his demonstrations, publishing false and incomplete articles in Ny Teknik about Mr. Rossi and the e-Cat.  When Mr. Lewan is provided the correct information and when his inaccuracies are pointed out he refuses to correct any articles or write new ones – if the information would reflect negatively on his friend and partner Mr. Rossi.

Mr. Rossi has been claiming for over a year, hundreds of times, that he has a factory and is making small nuclear reactors in Florida, USA.  When I contacted the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control, Mr. Rossi told the investigators that he has no e-Cat based on LENR and has no factory in Florida. This is just the opposite of what he has been telling everyone as the basis to get people to invest in his company.

When I contacted Mr. Lewan asking why he was not reporting this news, he told me that it was not news.

Since Mr. Lewan has been reporting everything Mr. Rossi says, helping to get people to invest in Mr. Rossi’s company, how could this not be news?

Mr. Rossi is currently under investigation by other authorities, and I am afraid Mats Lewan might be leading your paper Ny Teknik, into an undesirable situation.

All I told Mr. Norbert Andersson when he told me to mind my own business, was maybe he should get another science reporter to write a new article on Mr. Rossi, and this time tell all the truth, even about the investigation by the Florida BRC.

If I can be of service or if you need more information, please feel free to contact me at this return email address.

Warm Regards,
Gary Wright

PS: See the latest articles about Mats here:
Rossi’s Steam Trick: Lewan Knew


On 3/27/2012 09:59 AM, Gary wrote:

> Norbert,

> I thought you would be interested in some facts concerning some conflicts of interests by one of your reporters, in a story your paper has been covering for over two years. And because of this conflict of interest your readers are not getting the full story.  I guess I was wrong, sorry to bother you.  You won’t be hearing from me again.

> Gary Wright


> On 3/27/2012 05:37 AM, Andersson Norbert wrote:

>> Gary,

>> Please take care of your own business, and we will take care of ours.

>> Norbert Andersson
>> Förlagsredaktör
>> Ta
>> telefon  08-796 66 18
>> mobil    0708-13 78 05
>> Postadress: 106 12 Stockholm
>> Besöksadress: Mäster Samuelsgatan 56

>> Från: Gary []
>> Skickat: den 27 mars 2012 12:41
>> Till: Andersson Norbert; Växeln
>> Kopia: Steven Krivit
>> Ämne: Re: Mats Lewan Unprofessional Reporting – Update

>> Dear Norbert Andersson,

>> On 3-20-2012 I sent the email below asking that your magazine use a different reporter to write a much needed update about Mats Lewan’s friend and business partner Andrea Rossi. Your readers need to know the truth about Mr. Rossi, and Mats refuses to write anything negative about him, even if justified.

>> Now today an article was published clearly showing how Mr. Rossi has been deceiving Mats, but Mats refuses to look at what is happening with an open mind.

>> I ask again sir, please have another writer publish a new updated story of Mr. Rossi and his lies for the last 4 years, culminating in the report from the Florida BRC.  Thank you.

>> Warm Regards,
>> Gary Wright

>> Here is the new story about Rossi and Mats:
>> “Proof of Rossi’s Deception”
>> March 27, 2012
>> By Mitch Randall

>> On 3/20/2012 04:50 PM, Gary wrote:

>> Acting Editor-in-Chief
>> Norbert Andersson
>> Telephone: +46 8 796 66 18
>> Ny Teknik
>> S-106 12 Stockholm
>> Sweden
>> Telephone: +46 8 796 66 00
>> Telefax: +46 8 613 30 28
>> E-mail:

>> This email is also being sent to the Ny Teknik parent company.
>> Talentum Sweden AB
>> Mäster Samuelsgatan 56
>> 106 12 STOCKHOLM
>> Tel: +46 8 796 66 50
>> E-m:

>> Dear Mr. Norbert Andersson,

>> This email is to make a formal complaint about the integrity of the reporting by Mats Lewan concerning Andrea Rossi and his e-Cat.

>> There has been three people reporting on the Mr. Rossi / Leonardo Corporation saga in great depth.

>> 1) Steven Krivit at New Energy Times.
>> 2) Mats Lewan at Ny Teknik.
>> 3) Sterling Allan at Pure Energy Systems News.

>> Mr. Krivit has spent a lot of time and has been actively trying to get people to see the truth about the fraud and scam by Mr. Rossi / Leonardo Corporation since July 2011. He wrote about the latest scandal here:


>> Sterling Allan finally started to come out of his hypnotic state on March 11, 2012 with his article, “Rossi Tells Florida Bureau He Has No U.S. Factory, No Nuclear Reactions.”  In that article Mr. Allan says, “I’m taking the E-Cat out of our Top 5 and am dropping it low among the runners up. I’ve also added this to the Buyer’s Beware page.” You can read Mr. Allan’s story here:


>> What both Mr. Krivit and Mr. Allan realized is that what Mr. Rossi / Leonardo Corporation told the investigator from the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control, that can be read here:


>> directly contradicted most of what Rossi has been telling everyone since 2007.

>> By Rossi telling the Florida investigator there is no, (and never has been a), US factory, and that the e-Cat does not entail any kind of nuclear reaction, means that the Rossi e-Cat is not, nor ever has been any type of “cold fusion” or LENR device as claimed by Rossi, Focardi, and every patent application submitted by Rossi, where Rossi clearly states that there is transmutation to copper, a “nuclear reaction.” Rossi also submitted two scientific papers for each patent application that clearly state there is “nuclear reactions” in the e-Cat.

>> All of the following scientific papers also claiming the e-Cat involved nuclear fusion, are now clearly bogus because they were based on information supplied by Rossi in the past.

>> “Nuclear signatures to be expected from Rossi energy amplifier”
>> by Jacques Dufour

>> “A new energy source from nuclear fusion”
>> Sergio Focardi – Physic Department Bologna University and INFN Bologna Section (ITALY)
>> Andrea Rossi – Leonardo Corp. (USA) – Inventor of the Patent

>> “Evaluations, ideas and proposal upon new energy sources”
>> by Prof. Christos Stremmenos

>> “Is the Rossi energy amplifier the first pico-chemical reactor?”
>> by Jacques Dufour

>> “How can 30% of nickel in Rossi’s reactor be transmuted into copper?”
>> by Dott. Giuliano Bettini

>> “A detailed Qualitative Approach to the Cold Fusion Nuclear Reactions of H/Ni”
>> By prof. Christos Stremmenos

>> When I sent an email to Mats Lewan asking if he was going to cover the new facts being uncovered in the Andrea Rossi case, Mats told me this was not news.

>> It is clear that Mats Lewan has more than just an independent interest in Rossi.  Mats has been instrumental in actually helping Rossi perform demonstrations, even going so far as to be the person to record the data and say when a demonstration must be stopped.

>> So Mats was making news and at the same time writing about the news he was making in Ny Teknik!!

>> It is clear that Mats does not want to write any negative or bad information about his friend and business partner Andrea Rossi.

>> The most telling connection between Mats and Rossi was in the dog and pony show put on by Mats and Rossi as described in an article by Mats called:

>>  “See the E-cat run in self-sustained mode” published on September 14, 2011.

>> “At the new test, the E-cat was first run for 90 minutes assisted with a thermal electric power input of 2.6 kilowatts. The electric power was then cut off and the E-cat continued to operate for 35 minutes without external energy input.

>> The test was subsequently terminated at our request, for practical reasons and time constraints. It would otherwise have continued, and according to Rossi the electrical resistance would then have been switched in at full power for ten minutes after each time interval of 30 minutes with self-sustained operation.”

>> “The new test was performed at Ny Teknik’s initiative. One of the motives was the discussion that has been going on during the summer regarding energy calculations for the E-cat, including the issues with steam quality….

>> “As in previous tests, water was pumped into the E-cat during operation, and evaporated into steam. No measurements of steam quality were made but we found that:”

>> So even though Mats said the reason for the test was “the issue of steam quality” he also said that, “no measurements of steam quality were made.”

>> The only thing a sane person can conclude is that “steam quality” had nothing to do with this dog and pony show put on by by Mats and Rossi.

>> Steven B. Krivit, with “Patent investigation and research by Robert Clancy” in their report:
>> “Report #5: Rossi’s Profitable Career in Science”

>> clearly show why and how Rossi needed unthinking, “scientific challenged,” reporters that would print anything Rossi said without question. It is clear in the reporting of both Sterling and Mats they had no clue about the science and methods involved in >>testing a claim of “cold fusion” or LENR.

>> It is also now clear that what may have been true at one time, “For over 40 years, Ny Teknik has been reviewing and reporting on the latest developments in the technology industry,” is not true today.

>> I would highly recommend that the editor of Ny Teknik obtain a science reporter that is not a business partner and friend of Andrea Rossi to write about the breaking news concerning the fraud and scam being hoisted on the public by Rossi and partners.

>> Sincerely,
>> Gary Wright

The End

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