More Rossi lies – and new information from the Florida, Bureau of Radiation Control.

Dear Andrea Rossi,

It seems that you cannot control yourself  – you just must continue to lie and lie – seemingly without end to further your continuing e-Cat farce.

This is clear in your recent comment on your blog to Pekka Janhunen, May 17th, 2012 at 10:48 AM, which is copied below, and can be read here:

What you and no one else knows is that I filed two complaints, one directly with the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control, based on your claims of the design and operation of your imaginary e-Cat, and another with the Florida agency that regulates and controls X-ray machines and other devices that use low level radiation.

Florida law requires all manufactures and operators of any machine that produces low level radiation, such as X-rays, whether the radiation is internal or external, to be certified and registered with the State of Florida.  This is in addition to other city, county and federal laws that also are applicable.

What you, Mr. Rossi was not aware of, is that when you were being investigated by the Florida inspector, James Stokes, he was also evaluating whether you were making, testing, or selling any type of device that was either nuclear or produced radiation of any kind, even internal.

It is clear that you are not currently and never have in the past built, tested, or sold any device in Florida that either uses nuclear material, produces nuclear transmutations (nickel to copper), high level gamma rays (511 KeV as you claim), or even low level X-rays (50-100 KeV), as you told the Florida inspector, being verified by the fact you have not been fined, or arrested.

The Leonardo Corporation does not have any LEGAL employees as you claim, because you have been investigated and this information would be on file in various agencies in Florida.  Also the Leonardo Corporation has no permits for any type of lab, construction, or business operations of any kind anywhere in Florida.

Since there is a lot of confusion of just what happened when you were investigated by the Florida, Bureau of Radiation Control , I am copying part of an email I received from Paul E. Vause, Jr. with the Florida, Bureau of Radiation Control, which is relating to the second complaint I filed in Florida concerning your claims of low level radiation, but which was filed with a different agency in Florida.

Below that, is a copy of the exchange on your blog that prompted this document.

Gary Wright
May 18, 2012


Good Afternoon Gary Wright!

I am responding for Don Steiner, who is also in the Bureau of Radiation Control and is the administrator for the machine program.  The investigation performed by our inspector based in Miami, James Stokes, would be the same inspector utilized by Don to perform the X-ray investigation.  When Mr. Stokes performed his investigation, he was not limited to investigating only radioactive materials.  He was looking for both nuclear and X-ray radiation while conducting his investigation.  Mr. Stokes is a highly educated and trained inspector with regards to nuclear and X-ray radiation and we at the bureau are very confident of his findings.  No additional information would be obtained through conducting another investigation…..


Paul E. Vause, Jr.
Environmental Administrator
Radioactive Materials Program
Bureau of Radiation Control
Division of Environmental Health
4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin C21
Tallahassee, FL  32399-1741
Phone – (850) 245-4545
Fax – (850) 921-6364


Pekka Janhunen
May 17th, 2012 at 10:48 AM

The claimed ‘conflicting statements’ about nuclear/non-nuclear in the De Vincenti text possibly has its origin in an Internet misquotation of a Florida radiation official’s written statement which I here assume is authentic (, page 31):

“He acknowledged that no nuclear reactions occur during the process and that only low energy photons in the energy range of 50-100 keV occur within the device. There are no radiation readings above background when the device is in operation. Since the device is not a reactor, the NRC does not have jurisdiction. Since there is no radioactive materials used in the construction and no radioactive waste is generated by it, the State of Florida. Bureau of Radiation Control has no jurisdiction.”

Almost nothing could be clearer than this. Still, some people managed to mix it up, because “he acknowledged that no nuclear reactions occur during the process” was echoed on some websites as a ‘proof’ that Rossi had been double-tongued about radiation. They dropped the continuation of the sentence which makes it purposeful.

It seems that in the radiation authority’s language, the word “nuclear” has a specific meaning which covers fissionable and radioactive isotopes, but does not include photon sources such as x-ray machines or E-cats.

One can claim on the Net anything. In this case it seems that a Net misquotation found its way to the undersecretary’s statement.


Andrea Rossi
May 17th, 2012 at 5:16 PM

Dear Pekka Janhunen:
You are right, but the persons that misrepresented the statement are experts who made it on purpose, to damage us.
The USA Authority has been absolutely perfect and right.
Warm Regards,


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A new post by Gary Wright about The Experimental Methods.

The Experimental Methods
The Open Source LENR Project

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Latest info by Gary Wright on the Open Source LENR Project

If Edward Teller and Luis Alvarez believed that very low temperature cold fusion is real – who am I to doubt them?
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Want to contact and talk to the creator of the Open Source LENR Project – Gary Wright?

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For the first time in history a true open source LENR project.
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Calling All Scientists And Engineers Who Believe Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat is a Fraud.

The Editor-in-Chief of Ny Teknik wrote Gary Wright asking for more information.  Because after hundreds of lies and contradictions by Andréa Rossi and an investigation of Rossi by the Florida BRC, Mats Lewan, writing for Ny Teknik, who is Rossi’s friend and partner, still refuses to write anything negative about Rossi.

If you are a scientist or engineer who believes that Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat is a fraud; or if you believe that the e-Cat demonstrations put on by Andrea Rossi were not all that Rossi and others claimed they were; or even if you just want to rebut what Rossi and other scientist and engineer supporters have said and written, then please contact Mr. Wright.

Gary Wright is putting together a list of scientists and engineers to send to the managing editor of Ny Teknik so they can be interviewed for the other side of the story.  If you are interested in putting your name on the list just send your info with a brief 2-3 paragraph synopsis of your analysis of Andrea Rossi and the e-Cat to:




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